Sunday, 14 June 2015

Threes! Free - 3 Stars

What is it?
This a continuous number game with the aim to avoid filling up the board of 12 and to get the highest score. The game is firstly played by creating the number three by sliding tiles with one and two together, once you have the number three you then match it with another number three to make six. From six the game moves to 12, 24, 48 and so on. Basically if you have played 2048, its the same method of play with the twist of using 3's instead of 2's. Another difference is that when you slide the screen the numbers only move one at a time across or up, rather than all across to the corresponding wall.

The presentation of the game is very colourful and clean and it looks an inviting game to play. The developers have put effort into the design and execution of the game and it looks very professional. There are sound effects in the game, which I turned off as I don't like to play with the sound, but they consisted of dings and dongs. The game was featured by Apple over the weekend, hence why I downloaded it. As with all featured apps, I am not sure why it was but it was free so I had a look. Upon further investigation I also discovered that it won Apple Design of the year 2014, its good but not that good in my opinion.

When I started the game I found it a lot slower than 2048 and I wasn't immediately eager to continue playing. After some sleep I gave it another go and started to enjoy the game. The title of the game should have given me a clue though, this is a free version, and once your turns the replay option get down to zero you can't play anymore. If you watch an ad then you get a free go or you have to download the free version. However, when I tried to watch the ad to play again there wasn't one available and I was refused a play. Furthermore, when I attempted to re-watch the tutorial for the review of the app, it directed me back to the watch an ad screen, so I couldn't even see that.

I get that developers need to make money so running out of free turns doesn't bother me too much in principle, but the game is already monetised through full screen and some timed apps. Due to this I will not be downloading the paid version of the app.

The game is on the GameCentre, which as you know, is something I like on gaming apps so that I can check my progress and give me a competitive reason to continue to play.

To write this review I have looked back on my experience of playing the app and realised that the only reason I continued playing it was the purpose of the blog, I was bored waiting to go out and that I had run out of lives on Pyramid and Farm Hero Saga. I may be feeling a little resentful at not being able to play anymore but I don't feel it is a great loss to my phone if I delete it once the review is published.

In conclusion if you liked 2048 then you may very well like this, but personally I prefer 2048 and won't be keeping this app.

Now for some ratings.....
Ease of use 3
If you have played 2048 then the game is easy to play as it is very like the iconic game. The game comes with a nice tutorial, but once you have run out of turns you can't revisit it. If you can swipe, calculate the number three and make pairs then you can play this game. 

Price - 3
The app is free but with massive constraints. You are limited to the number of times you are allowed to play the game, forced to watch adverts to get a free go and if there aren't any available then game over. The full version is £2.99! No way would I pay that for this app!

Adverts - 2
Adverts are full screen every three plays of the game. Some of the screen invasions are timed and the cross changes per ad to kill it, so be careful not to end up in the App Store. If you want to play the game further you must watch full adverts to get a free go.

Overall Rating - 3
I started to like this app but it was very short lived. I have scored the game 3 stars, and that is mainly for its design, but I was thinking 2.5 stars. It reminded me of 2048 and the app reignited my passion for that game if nothing else. I was really put off by being forced to watch ads or purchase the game. This might sound defeatist and slightly childish, but that is my mood with this one. Sorry but its being deleted.

Keep, jury is out or delete - Delete
Where to find it:!-free/id976851174?mt=8