Sunday, 30 November 2014

Fist of Fury

What is it?
Like quick apps that are addictive but don't take over your life? Then try this!! I love games that don't take up hours of my day, but allow me to be competitive, and lets just say this was punch contest in my house! Designed in a retro way, yes pixilated fun, this is a bright, simple, fun and addictive game!

The aim of the game is to punch, by swiping left, right, up and down, opponents/ninjas to stay alive! As you progress the game gets quicker and you find yourself manic across the screen. As you play more and get more points you unlock different characters! My personal favourites are the Vampire and the Cat!

A great feature of this app is your last play is recorded and can be uploaded straight onto YouTube! I think it would be even better if could record your reaction and speech at the same time but I fear that mine would have to censored as I do get involved in the competition!

There are no big prizes, just the satisfaction of beating your friends... it took me two weeks to break the 200 mark and I unlocked all the characters. I still play this game when I have a cheeky few minutes, as my boyfriend is beating me at an embarrassing rate!

Now for some ratings.....

Ease of use - 5
If you have the freedom to swipe then you can play this. I would say if you have slow reactions then you may quickly become annoyed with this game. I will admit i had difficulty using my thumb for this game, but looking like my dad and holding the phone with one hand, sticking out my tongue and using my other hands index finger was very effective :D
Price - 5
This is free. Obviously there is an in app purchase to remove the ad's, but for the most part these aren't noticeable.  

Adverts - 4
There are ad's in this game pop ups about every four plays and some at the bottom bar during play. For the most part I didn't notice the ads, and I wasn't taken to the store to buy them. As a game with ad's goes this is ok. 

Keep, jury is out or delete - Keep
If you like Bruce Lee then you are bound to like this. I can't bring myself to admit defeat on this one yet and its still has pride of place on my phone. It makes me frustrated with myself but it is addictive! It is free so why not give it a try?!

Where to find it:

Saturday, 29 November 2014

I am back, get featured!

I am back.... get featured!

I frequently read TechCrunch, NextWeb and Mashable and recently I have been wondering, what does it actually take to be featured? There are thousands of app developers out there and with the saturated market what is the actual chance of an independent 'indie' being picked from the crowd?

Over the past few months I have been watching this with interest, but if you aren't an ex-Google employee, current dominating app owner or Mr Zuckenburg himself then don't hold your breathe. 

Being based in the UK it is apparent that there is very limited exposure of people here in the big players articles.  Actually, unless you have a Valley post code or a view of the Golden Gate Bridge from your office window there is little exposure happening. 

Don't get me wrong, I would love to live and work in San Fransisco, and the inflated rent definitely justifies the exposure, but what hope do the average Joe have of making it in the mad world of Apps?

Even Apple themselves are making it increasingly difficult to get noticed. Individual charts have been limited to 150 and there is no 'new' section in most categories.  Unless you have a pretty awesome Marketing team, with a substantial budget, how do you get exposure???

Seriously, how?

Now that I am exam and high level of stress free I am getting back to blogging about apps that aren't immediately feature and from the big boys. This may be a small, and possibly insignificant vow, but hey everyone loves the under dog right?!

I  won't promise to create full reviews for every app I review but I will write something for every one I download, it could be an excited, angry, amazed or frustrated rant, but I am going to give it a go!

I don't like all Apps, in fact I am pretty choosy about what I do and don't like! I love logic, word and number games. I like apps that have a purpose not just a presence. Growing up I loved my MegaDrive, NES and I have every type of GameBoy released.  I attempt fighting games and driving games but I have limited skills and patients for them. My phone is frequently "borrowed" by a six year old so its not unheard-of for me to get his views on kids apps, he will do anything to use Aunty Gemma's phone. 

I have a honours degree in Computer Studies and have worked within the IT environment since I was 17 (over 13 years). I am not a tech nut, I like what I like. I can code but don't. After far too long of being a Windows girl I am now a full Apple convert.

I love watching TV shows back to back, it is driving me nuts waiting for a weekly instalment of The Walking Dead and American Horror Story: Freak Show. I Recently watched Mad Men 1-7 series back to back and of course I loved Silicon Valley.

I have just got a kitten, who is insane! She has figured out how to switch my phone alarm off and if that fails slumps across the phone to get attention.  

Sorry this has been a long winded ramble of words, but I am excited to get back to reviewing... role on the 17 December so I can see the apps better on the iPhone 6!

If you would like me to check out your app tweet me on @gemsappreview or mail me on

Happy app developing, playing and enjoying! Gem