Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Ninja Runner - 4 Stars

What is it?
Ninja Runner is a game with the aim to get your Ninja to travel as far as possible across roof tops without falling off. Your score is measured in the form of how many metres you cover during the run. 

The game is very simple to operate you simply tap the screen when you want your Ninja to jump. The further you get with the Ninja travel, the quicker the game gets. The roof tops vary in size and the smaller ones together can be tricky to get across.

Throughout the game Double Jump tokens are dropped (in the form of Ninja stars) from the top of the screen. When you collect one you can use it as much as you like until its time runs out then you need to retrieve another for the ability.  The Double Jumps are really needed for the smaller roof tops all positioned together when you get past about 500 meters as the screen gets faster and faster. 

This game was a hit at home as we had mini competitions. The game doesn't take long unless you are pro. When I first started to play the game it took my eyes a while to adjust as the background and the speed of the Ninja made me go a bit cross eyed, but the more you play the less you notice it. 

The game is a little bland in colours and the back ground never changes. It may benefit from some brighter colours  just to make it look a but more interesting, but it wouldn't stop me playing. 

I was shocked that there are no sounds on the game, which is good for me as I always turn this off but I imagine this may put some players off. 

The game is on the Game Centre, which I like, and I have managed to get to 5th place with 950 meters, but I am behind my partner who is 2nd with 1120 meters! 

In summary, I like this game and, like Fist of Fury, I keep finding myself having quick plays to try and improve my score!

Now for some ratings.....

Ease of use - 4
This game has one control, tap to jump, and instructions are provided. This is a really easy game to play once you stop feeling dizzy from the screen movements.

Price - 5
This is a free game with no in app purchases. 

Adverts - 4
The only adverts in the game are in the banner at the bottom of the screen, and they really do not interrupt game play at all, so pretty good.

Overall Rating - 4
I like this game, its easy to learn and simple to play. The game would benefit from a few more injections of colour and maybe some sound, but it wouldn't stop me playing it!

Keep, jury is out or delete - Keep
Keep, I like this game for an easy but addictive break from work!

Where to find it:

Monday, 19 January 2015

Protect Brick - 1.5 stars

What is it?
This is a game were you move a brick around to stop it being hit by flying objects. I am saying this early in the review but this is the most annoying app for adverts that I have downloaded in a long time. The adverts are that invasive and annoying that it made me stop my review. 

This isn't a tap game which is different from a lot of the new apps to the store, in fact you move the brick by putting your finger on it and dragging it around the screen. The blocks to avoid are fired from a centralised shooting semi square and each one rebounds and moves off the walls. The longer you stay alive and the number of blocks shot and survived seem to give the score.

You can look on the game centre for achievements and high scores. 

Now for some ratings.....

Ease of use - 3 
There are no real instructions with the game but by messing around I figured it out on my second attempt at the game. This would have been quicker if not for the ads. 
Price - 3
This is free but with in app purchases, one of which I will expect to be to remove the ads. Where this fails is that you get so little game play vs the ads that you would not be temped to do so.

Adverts 1
AWFUL I was honestly angered by the adverts, I hadn't even started the game and was faced with a full screen ad and then a video ad that went on for far too long. Then after each play the same process. Just too invasive and frustrating. I appreciate that people need to make money from ads, but they should be checked before go live and really think, would I keep this if i downloaded it especially when before you even try to play there are video ads?

Overall Rating - 1.5
I couldn't continue with this app, watching adverts every 20 seconds is not for me. The concept is ok but not good enough to endure the endless adverts.

Keep, jury is out or delete - Delete
Delete, already gone.

Where to find it:

Menu option - easy, medium, hard, crazy. Selected easy and greeted by an ad - sigh. Brief instruction, barely anything there, then a full bloody video ad for 10 seconds finished by a full screen ad... i may not be in the best mood to look at this app now. Game finishes - can't say i knew what i was doing and another 5 seconds ad.