Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Move the Walls - 3.5 Stars

What is it?
Move the Walls is an endless play game to make your character to move as far as possible through the middle of the screen by swiping walls out of the way that are in it's path. The game is simple to play once you get the direction of swipe correct. The further you travel the quicker the game gets that took my eyes a little while to adjust too, but that could be more to do with the the frown of concentration i displayed throughout playing the game. 

Throughout the game there are gold coins that can be collected by swiping them into your path, rather than the walls that are moved out of the way. I have no clue what the coins are used for!

I was in a very rare and strange place with this game as I was instantly quite good, for me, at playing it! After a few plays I explored the game further and there are various different backgrounds and themes available to play on such as in space and on a river with logs. It was a nice touch to the game that gave me options. Strangely I was better on other themes than the original. 

The GameCentre is enabled on the game but as a collective, there aren't leader boards for the different themes available.

The game ends when you hit a wall, which is easily done. Whatever you do if you miss a coin don't re-swipe it as 9 times out of 10 you will move the next wall in the wrong direction and end the game. At the end of the game you are given the option to continue, if you watch an ad. The adverts vary in length the from 14 - 24 seconds from what I have observed they get longer each time. 

The icon used for the game does do the content justice as it is very simple, dull colours and really doesn't jump off the screen or scream play me. This game is not made with the retro pixel look and it was a welcomed change. Bright colours and smooth lines are used and it was inviting to play. 

Now for some ratings.....

Ease of use 5
The premise of the game is a simple play, but it does take a while to get used to what direction to swipe to move the walls. If you miss a coin be careful as any swipe on the screen will move the next wall and then bang your dead!

Price - 5
This is a free game, but you can pay to remove the adverts.

Adverts - 3
There are adverts in the game but they are not too intrusive. As mentioned above you can extend your play by watching an advert that did come in handy.

Keep, jury is out or delete - Jury is out

Overall Score - 3.5 
I gave this a 3.5 as the game is nice to play but I know it won't hold my interest for very long. If you like endless play and are good at swiping then this could be for you. 

Where to find it:
Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/hu/app/move-the-walls/id989656030?mt=8