Monday, 15 December 2014

Mahjong Worlds - 25 Days of Gifts - 2.5 Stars

What is it?
I found this app looking for some festive fun. I love Mahjong, I always have, so I was looking forward to matching Santa, holly and baubles in a recognisable way! The opening screen promises festive fun, very bright and colourful with Christmas images galore, but then I went into game play I was disappointed :(

When you first access the game play screens there are different stages, the first being Eldorado. Having a look at the the other stages there are some that could be Panto names but nothing that screamed Christmas. 

I started in Eldorado and there are few levels in the world, the game is easy enough to start by tapping in the unlocked level. You are then taken to the tile selection, only the classic version was unlocked, the Christmas tiles were there taunting me, but I couldn't access them :(

If you know Mahjong, the game of pairs with tiles in a stacked order, then this does what it says on the tin. As you go through the levels the difficultly and number of tiles increases which is good and keeps you interested.

There are ads throughout the game and some can be a little annoying. I will be honest, I have stopped playing in search of true festive game but if you like Mahjong, then this is free so why not?

Now for some ratings.....

Ease of use 5
Do you know how to play Mahjong? If yes then this is simple to play. If you haven't played you basically make pairs until all the tiles have gone, but be careful some are locked in or hidden below other tiles. The selection of the tiny tiles is surprisingly easy and I can honestly say I made few mistakes. 
Price - 5
This is free. 

Adverts 2
Annoying. I encountered a 15 second ad, yes 15 whole seconds!! In a positive there aren't layered ads that frustratingly result in visiting the app store and crosses to close most of the them are easy to spot.

Keep, jury is out or delete - Jury is out
I like Mahjong, but I was looking for something festive, so I have mixed thoughts about this game. The game is easy to play and considering how small the tiles are they are easy to select, view and pair :)

Overal Rating - 2.5
I would have loved to give this more, but it didn't live up to festive expectations. 

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