Saturday, 11 April 2015

Skwirl Please - 1.5 Stars

What is it?
Impossible and frustrating! This game involves navigating a squirrel on a bike under falling tree trunks dropping from the top of the screen at various speeds. The squirrel automatically starts travelling but you can speed it forward by tapping and holding the right of the screen and reverse it by tapping and holding the left side of the screen. The screen moves with the game so can push you into the falling tree trunks and you must be ninja style quick to get under some of the logs. 

The graphics are very bright, not pixilated, but very basic. The main character is a moving picture and is not animated to cycle the bike the developer has chosen to place it on. When the character is crushed by a falling tree truck it simply turns grey and you can reattempt the game. 

This game is very difficult and quickly lost my attention. My partner, who loves to beat me at any game, was a bit better but also got very frustrated and refused to play it again. This is the type of game that could, if taken too seriously, result in a broken iPhone in fit of frustration.

There is an impossible level which I didn't even attempt based on the fact the normal ones were beyond my capabilities. 

This game is one of those games that you must have ninja reactions to play, which sadly I do not possess! I didn't take to the game but I wish the developers luck and hopefully some quick reaction players will enjoy it!

Now for some ratings.....

Ease of use - 2
The instructions are provided in the opening screen and in theory are easy to use. The actual ease of play isn't great, the obstacles move far too quickly and don't give the user enough time to adapt to the game play before they introduce seemingly impossible sequences. Maybe I am just too slow but I didn't find this an easy game to take to. 

Price - 5
The app is free.

Adverts - 4
There are header adverts in the app, which aren't invasive and don't interrupt game play. I didn't experience full screen or video ads but they could be hidden away after a certain number of obstacles which I was never going to achieve.

Overall Rating - 1.5
I did not like this app, it was immediately too difficult to play and after several attempts I just wanted it off my phone. The developer should consider making the first few obstacles easier for the user to get familiar with and how the game is played. Looking at the GameCentre scores, I wasn't the only person struggling to get past a couple before giving up!

Keep, jury is out or delete - Delete
This is a delete for me, its already been removed from my phone upon publishing the review!

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