Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Trivia from Mad Men - Free Edition - 1 Star

What is it?
Simply put, this game is a quiz to test your knowledge on Mad Men, the brilliant 60’s based drama about ad men in the 60s/70s. You begin the game by pressing the ‘play’ option, and then you are plunged straight into answering questions. You start on Level 1, and you level up based on your success with the questions posed. You are given the question with a choice of four possible answers below it. Get the question right and you are awarded with points in the form of dollars, get the question wrong and you lose points. The annoying part of the points feature is that you don’t actually know your score until you complete all of the questions. If you have detail OCD, you will hate the frequent spelling mistakes and the wrong surnames or forenames. Some of the questions repeat which is disappointing as, over the seven series’ of the show, there are plenty of questions that could be created!
There are a set number of questions and there hasn’t been an update to increase the questions.
Arguably the most frustrating thing about this game is the ads. The game is incessant with them, for instance when you press ‘Play’ to begin the game, the first thing that comes up is an ad, which did make me feel VERY frustrated. Whatever you do don’t get a question wrong as you get a series of screen invading adverts and pop ups, with the highest number I counted being five in a row. 
If you haven’t watched Mad Men then do not download, you won’t get a single question right and the in app features alone will annoy you! If you hate adverts, then also avoid this app
Now for some ratings.....

Ease of use 3
The game is pretty basic to play, tap the answer that you think is right. What makes the game difficult is the inaccuracies in the questions and the adverts that you have to dodge to actual play it.

Price - 5
The app is free. 

Adverts 1
Adverts are terrible, undoubtedly some of the worst I have seen within an app and completely destroys what could be an excellent app for Mad Men fans.

Overall Rating 1
This app is literally about to be deleted as I publish the review, and I can’t wait to press that button. I have completed the game and felt no sense of achievement in doing so. The developers had a great topic and concept but ruined with sloppiness and awful adverts. Such a shame!

Keep, jury is out or delete - Delete

Where to find it: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/trivia-from-mad-men-free-edition/id670849980?mt=8