Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Color Sorter - The Addicting Colour Sorting Game - 1 Star

What is it?
This is a game where you move coloured dots that appear in the middle of the screen into the same colour block located in the header or footer of the screen. Sounds simple right? Wrong! The dots in the middle of the screen grow, then shrink and if they disappear you lose. If you drag a dot over another dot, place the dot into the wrong colour or are a little slow you lose.  The more dots you get to its paired box the higher the score. 

Now if you have read my reviews before you will think this game is right up my street, and conceptually I would have to agree, but the reality is I didn't take to this game, actually I don't like it. 

You die for no reason in this game. I am convinced that the dots would change colour on the way to being delivered to the right location and you would need to be Speedy Gonzales on speed to get a high score. 

The icon for the game doesn't look that appealing either as you can see from this review. The main play screen is mainly white then has the six colours you play with on the header and footer with those colour circles intermittently appearing. One bug I did notice is that the blue box and circle don't match which can throw you off your game. 

Furthermore, although you can look in the GameCentre, everyones scores are on 0. So even though I have achieved an 8 on this game, GameCentre says 0, so the incentive to beat other people is non-existent. 

This wasn't for me and is far too fast to hold your interest when you first start to play. I don't know who I would recommend this game to, but definitely not to my friends!

Now for some ratings.....

Ease of use - 1 
Conceptually this game appears easy but it really isn't. The drag function, the only way to play the game, isn't easy to use and didn't work easily to me. 

Price - 5
This app was free.

Adverts - 5
I didn't encounter any ads during my review. 

Overall Rating 1
This game isn't for me. I didn't like it and no matter how much I tried to I just couldn't change my initial opinion. I am deleting this game. I don't hate this game, unlike Daddy Long Legs as it didn't anger me, but it was just meh and didn't make me want to play again. 

Keep, jury is out or delete - Delete

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