Friday, 6 March 2015

Spring Ninja - 4 stars

What is it?
Spring Ninja is the latest release from Ketchapp, featuring a Ninja on a pair of springs whose aim is to hop from one platform to the next. To spring between platforms you press on the screen, causing the ninja to compress on its strings and then release to make the Ninja jump. You can either jump on the next platform, giving you one point, or hop over it to land on the next, which awards you more points. If you miss a platform, you fall through the gap and die. It may be a simple premise, but it's certainly not a simple game! It will take a bit of time to judge the power needed to land on the next platform and the distance and heights of the platforms vary, making it extremely challenging.

Although this game is difficult, I actually enjoy it. The game maker's Ketchapp are renown for making highly addictive games which have great graphics and clean interfaces. 

You can compete on GameCentre, which is always a plus for me with these endless runners. But while I have achieved 13, the top score is, inexplicably, 1000 - the work of a gaming genius or, more likely, a shameless hacker. Either way, I only downloaded it today, yet I struggle to put it down.

If you like platform games and endless, flappy bird-esque, runners then this is definitely worth a download. And if you find it very difficult at first, don't give up straight away. Keep with it and you soon get the knack. Right I have to go now as I need to increase my lead!

Now for some ratings.....

Ease of use - 5
This game has simple controls, simply 'tap to play' and it functions very well, but it is a very challenging game. It will frustrate you, and infuriate you, but once you get the hang of it, you'll soon be racking up good scores.

Price - 4
This is a free game with the option to pay if you want to remove the ads. 

Adverts - 2.5
There are adverts in this game which is reflected in the rating. The footer ads don't really bother me nor do they interrupt gameplay. About every five games you get a full screen ad that is timed to prevent you immediately closing it for a few seconds, causing me to end up in the App Store a few times. In my most recent play there was an ad that couldn't be closed for five seconds which was a little annoying. 

Overall Rating 4
I like this game - its challenging but will keep you coming back to it regardless, and it's well designed. I am on a mission to get better at this game and maintain my lead at home! If you liked Stick Ninja, Ninja Jump and any games were you have to do aimed jumping then give this one a go :)

Keep, jury is out or delete - Keep

Where to find it:
Twitter: @ketchapps