Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Puffchat - 5 Stars

What is it?
Puffchat is an app that allows you to send text and picture messages to other users but control how many seconds it can be seen for! When the timer hits zero the message erased in a puff of smoke!

This is like SnapChat but more, as you can reply with a text, which has always been a frustration of mine with the popular app! You know how it is when you receive a funny picture and you can't take a decent one to send back, the problem is now solved. 

The text functionality is simple to use and is featured on a bright background. I particularly like that you can add emoticons to your text messages! The picture message function has similarities to SnapChat but lets face it how much can you do with a picture message?

Like SnapChat the app doesn't prevent screenshots to be taken of the message but it does come with guidance and a disclaimer  and advises selecting a shorter time frame for your message so not to fall into this pitfall. So those texts and pictures you would rather not save or be seen can now be protected. 

Unlike Skim, which I am not a fan of, Puffchat doesn't attempt to access your Twitter and Facebook profiles or publicise your username for anyone to message you. Puffchat allows you to select friends from your phonebook where you send a pre-populated text that includes your Puffchat username inviting them to join the service or search for known usernames already registered. The good thing about this technique is you can control who can and can't send you messages as all friend requests need to be accepted and you can remove the contacts at anytime. 

Another feature I like is the ability to delete your sent messages even from the recipients inbox preventing them from opening them or evening seeing what they were there in the first place! If like me you have foot in mouth syndrome or worse text about someone and  send it to them error, you can erase the evidence (as long as they have not opened it)!

This app has been well thought out! It's colourful, but not childish, and is easy to use. Registration is easy and so is connecting with your friends! The app is currently on the Android but soon to be released on the iOS. 

Now for some ratings.....

Ease of use 
This was really easy to use and comes with on screen instructions the first time you access the text and picture message functionality.  The app flows through screens well and is logical. Adding friends is easy as is the sending and receiving of messages. 

Price -5
This was free and there are no hidden chargers or upgrade fees.

Adverts 5
This is an advert free app, perfect!

Keep, jury is out or delete - Keep
I like this app and would chose it over SnapChat as I can text back. This is an app to watch as it has the potential to become very popular!

Where to find it:
Apple: coming soon