Thursday, 28 November 2013

Xmas Cracker - Pull the Christmas Cracker - 0 Stars

What is it?
Rubbish, frustrating and prepare for repetitive strain injury just from the adverts. From first opening the app I couldn't tell you what it is, as I had an advert invasion! When I first entered the app two full screen adverts appears and then one in a smaller window. When I tried to close them I was taken to web pages and the App Store, for this alone I have dropped two stars!

After several attempts, I accessed the app. The premise is you chose a cracker and pull it. The app doesn't actually allow you to pull a cracker, you tap the screen with a timer, until it splits in two. The graphics aren't great and after every game  there are more ads.

There is a multiplayer option which is basically two people tapping the screen (on the same phone).  I gave up on this app as the adverts were horrific and every time you access the app it asks you to rate it even though you haven't been able to play it! The games wasn't enough to keep my interests.

I even asked others to test this with me and #fuming was actually used! With that said peoples reactions are funny, maybe recommend to someone that has annoyed you!

Now for some ratings.....

Ease of use -
Not easy to get to the actual game as the adverts are too invasive. The cracker game isn't using a pulling motion and is tapping, which is odd on a touch screen phone. 

Price - 3
This was free, but you can upgrade to remove the adverts. I wont be doing this I don't think the app is worth the price. 

Adverts 1
Awful, worse than Scrabble Cheat, I hate the adverts which made me hate this app!

Keep, jury is out or delete - Delete
I do not like this app, I think the developer has got greedy with adverts. I thought the app would be fun but it was frustrating and I have never tapped a cracker to pull it!

Where to find it:
Android:  Not available.