Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Icon Pop Quiz - Halloween Special - 2.5 Stars

What is it?
This like Icomania, it's a game where you guess the famous people, hit movies or TV shows. The biggest difference being that the answers are not hidden in an anagram, you just guess by typing in the word you think is relevant.

There are different stages that you can access and swap between, for example Famous People, TV & Films, Characters, Season's Box and Specials. Each of these sections are split between different stages, with 16 levels in each stage. 

When you access a selection of 16 levels you click on the icon, then using the keyboard type in the answer. There are indicators if you are close to getting the answer right, but if like me you can have dodgy spelling, you quickly get annoyed and end up on Google. 

Each time you get an answer right you earn tokens. These tokens can then be used to Open Letters (400 tokens), Resolve (2000 tokens), Hint (200 tokens) and Eliminate Keys (300 tokens).  Don't worry if you haven't got enough tokens, you can buy some, what a surprise! You can even buy a version of the app without adverts, or even unlock all of the levels. 

If you get stuck you can ask your friends on Twitter and Facebook, which doesn't ask you to join a like page or send updates to friends. The only advertising is a link to the app in the post of the picture. 

Due to the spelling issues and the vagueness of some of the answers this could easily turn frustrating or expensive if you become addicted! Personally I prefer Icomania, but this app is ok for a bit of fun. 

Now for some ratings.....

Ease of use 3 
This is an easy app to navigate but the answers to the quiz can be very difficult and one misplaced letter will stop you collecting your coins. Due to the frequency of the adverts you can find yourself accidentally entering the App Store, or be directed to a web page or two. 

Price - 3
This is free to download but has in app sales. You can upgrade to a ad free version which I didn't review. You can also buy additional tokens for cheats within the games, which aren't very expensive but could add up over time!

Adverts 2
There are quite a few adverts in this game which I am not a fan of. Banners at the bottom page, full screen pop ups with delayed options to close and poster sales for films you guess correctly! There is also the option to earn additional tokens if you are willing to watch the video adverts. The adverts are not as invasive as Scrabble Free, hence the rating of 2!

Keep, jury is out or delete - Jury is out
This is an ok game, but it is frustrating and I will not pay for additional tokens. Once you need to Google the answers it loses its appeal for me. I do prefer Icomania but this is an ok alternative.   

Where to find it:
Android:  Not available.