Thursday, 28 November 2013

VoodooMama - 2.5 Stars

What is it?

This is a fortune telling app based on Voodoo. My first impressions of the app is that it has had some thought behind the graphics, but the sounds could be improved. 

The app is based on a female fortune teller, who has a very unusual mouth when it moves! The premise of the app is to ask a question, press the crystal ball and wait for your fortune. Personally I wouldn't take the app seriously, it is a bit of fun as the answers bare no resemblance to the question asked.  

Some of the wording of the sentences/fortunes is a little odd, like it has been badly translated, but it adds to the amusement factor. I pressed the crystal ball over 20 times and didn't get a duplication of fortune which was good.

The app has a tune playing in the background which instantly made me think if lift/elevator music. The voice used for the fortune teller is odd with a slight lisp and speaks in syllables! 

There is the option to share your fortune on Facebook. When you click the link you need to like the application which will give it access to your profile. I rarely do this as I hate spamming my friends or appearing to be sending loads of status when I am not online, so i didn't review this. 

There is a settings cog on the app, but this advertises the developers other apps and gives instructions for if you need more info. 

Now for some ratings.....

Ease of use -
This is easy to use and comes with verbal instructions the first time that you access the app. The app is limited to giving fortunes and sharing them on Facebook, it could maybe have some additional functions like different methods of fortune telling. 
Price - 4
This was free with no in app purchases. I wouldn't pay for this app. 

Adverts - 5
No adverts, excellent

Keep, jury is out or delete - Delete
After reviewing this I knew the novelty was gone and it wasn't for me. It is an ok app but with a limited shelf life, if you like magic eight ball this might be for you, but I will stick with making my own destiny.

Where to find it:
Android:  Not available.