Thursday, 2 January 2014

Paint it Back - 3 stars

What is it?
This is a puzzle game, where you re-paint some pictures that have been erased.  The game is based on a grid formation whereby you need to paint a number of squares as indicated around the edges.

As you progress through the levels the grids get bigger and the answers more challenging. You paint the squares onto the picture with your finger and these appear in black until you have the right answer then the colours appear. The pictures are very pixilated but its in keeping with the picture you have re-painted.

There are three rooms, one of which is a training stage.  The training is helpful but can be a little long winded as once you have grasped the concept it becomes self explanatory but I can understand why they have done this as the game does become a little tricky, for younger players. 

I completed the game in just over an hour as I got a little addicted to see how long it would take for me to lose a level. I completed this game first time so you could argue it should be a little more challenging.  As you get to the last levels the board can be played in normal or pro mode. Pro mode is tricky to paint in the numbers as you zoom in then paint, but I found this temperamental so gave up and went back to the normal level.

I liked this app, but it could do with a few more free levels.

Now for some ratings.....

Ease of use 3 
This is quite easy to use in the normal version, but sometimes it can be a little sensitive when you paint the squares. The pro version is a little fiddly and I ended up reverting to the normal for ease of use, which was a shame as I liked the challenge of the difficult level.

Price - 4
This is a free app, but with limited levels. You can upgrade but I didn't review this functionality of the app. 

Adverts - 5
There were no adverts in this version of the app, excellent.

Keep, jury is out or delete - Jury is out
I liked this app, but I have completed the free levels and there is no indication that more free ones will be available therefore I am not sure what the incentive is for me to keep it. 

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