Thursday, 2 January 2014

Party Rush - 1.5 stars

What is it?
This is a puzzle/logic game, with lots of rules and combinations, maybe too many. Basically you are presented with a group of symbols consisting of four colours. The aim is to link three or more symbols using a correct combination, of which there are a few. 

There are instructions with this app but no demos or training, which I think is its downfall. The instructions are a but too much and there is no in game guidance on how to score, so I found myself flicking between the game and instructions. 

I shared this game with two people that enjoy logic/puzzle and Bejewelled type games, and they also found it confusing. 

The app is very clean in its design. It uses a simple white background with the bright symbols, which I liked. When in the game there is only one functions, which is to restart the game. 

I didn't take to this game. I downloaded this game to play over my Christmas and tried on several occasions to get into it, but it didn't happen. 

Now for some ratings.....

Ease of use 3 
The functionality itself is very simple, but understanding the rules is not. There is also an issue with the back button when in the game to return to the main menu. This game would benefit from a training or demo functionality. 
Price - 4
This game was free, with no in app purchases, I would be disappointed if I had paid for this app. 

Adverts - 5
Thankfully there are no adverts in this app. 

Keep, jury is out or delete - Delete
Unfortunately I didn't take to this app, it was just too fussy with its rules. Even after I tried to play with friends, it didn't hook me. If this app was updated to include some demos/training I would be tempted to try it again as you can tell effort has gone into the design. 

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