Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas Sweeper - 1.5 Stars

What is it?
This is a bejeweled type game with a Christmas twist, as the jewels are now familiar Festive symbols. Like Bejeweled the idea of the game is to swap tiles to make a chain of three or more to score points or win challenges. 

The game has a variety of levels which you must complete in order to continue through the game. 

The game is simple to grasp as it is a like for like copy of Bejeweled, but with very annoying sound effects!

The sound alone made me dislike this app, I had a headache after just five minutes.  I tend to have my phone on silent when I play games so not to disturb others, but this is not an option on this game!

The game took over my phones volume control, I couldn't find a way to fully switch off the sound effects. There is a volume icon, that does nothing! When you are in the game, there is a music icon that turns off the invasive music, but the noises associated with successful moves remains. This ruined the game for me. 

Another thing that I didn't like, and haven't experienced in many apps, is mid game play full screen adverts, a big no for me. 

I like Bejeweled, and will be sticking with it. 

Now for some ratings.....

Ease of use -
As this is Bejeweled with different icons this is easy to play. 

Price - 3
This is free, I certainly wouldn't pay for it. 

Adverts - 2
There weren't many adverts but they do present themselves during game play, which I see as a ploy to trick you into the app store. 

Keep, jury is out or delete - Delete
I love Bejeweled and will be sticking to it, as after five minutes of game play I had a headache. If you don't mind apps with lots of noise that you can't control and like Bejeweled , then this might be worth a try, but if like me the noise is a deal breaker, then I wouldn't bother. 

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