Monday, 2 December 2013

Movie Quiz! - 2 Stars

What is it?
This is a movie guessing game which shows you a a still scene from a film and you pick the answer from a selection of four options. 

The idea of the game is to win as many coins as you can, so that you can compete against your friends or other people with the app. You can either play offline, where you cannot earn coins, or online but you need to use your collected coins to compete. Beware you can lose coins on the offline training for wrong answers, as I found out when I let my friend have a go!

I had some difficulty playing online and I think it depends what time of day you try to connect due to the user base. This limited me earning coins and competing with other users. Playing against random people is hit and miss and limited to five questions which is five coins per go.

When you run out of coins you can't earn any as you need to play online, which involves you needing 25 coins, which means you have to buy them. You can earn a coin per minute spent in the app, which means staying on the main menu, because if you go to offline training you cannot earn any.  So if you don't like paid apps this one has a limited shelf life. 

The more you play the more the movies repeat, so if you have a good memory its easier to beat your opponent. I was looking forward to this game as I love movies, but the limited number of people to play and the repeating of film options made it lose its appeal. 

Now for some ratings.....

Ease of use -
This is pretty simple to use as pictures are displayed and there are four answers to chose from. The interface to play online against random components or friends on the Game Centre is really simple. 
Price - 3
This is a free app but has limited content. You are provided with coins when you start but if you lose them you will need to buy more to continue, I didn't buy any additional credit. 

Adverts - 3
There are adverts when you open the game the pop up and a constant banner at the bottom of the screen. The adverts are not as intrusive as other apps I have played and they never distracted me from the game.  You can pay to remove them. 

Keep, jury is out or delete - Jury is out
I like the idea of this app as I like movie themed games, but as an offline player there are limited questions. The multiplayer game is ok, but is limited in the number of questions and is temperamental as to when it will work.  

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