Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Dino Rocks - 3 Stars (just)

What is it?
Dino Rocks is a level game with various worlds that you move a dinosaur around a series of puzzles.  The dinosaur is placed at one end of the board and you navigate it around the screen by sliding your finger in the direction you want it to travel, eventually leading it to a cave. The first few boards don't have any holes or special functions so are pretty straight forward. 

As you progress through the levels, they get more difficult and you have to plan your dinosaurs moves in advance. There are squares added to the board with arrows that can be moved, with and without, the dinosaur on them to make a path to the cave. Figuring out what these squares did was a massive game of trial and error, until you grasp the logic of it. 

There are no instructions with this app, well not that I could find, but there are walkthroughs of the levels that use your Dino Rocks. You get three Dino Rocks when you download the game, but you can buy more. The prices for these are not displayed in the app itself which I don't like, and there is bug in the app that when you click on the purchase button half the text is missing in the confirmation and password window, so you don't know how much they are. I did check in the app store and the only price displayed its £0.69 to unlock all levels, so not great.

An interesting feature of this game is that you can create your own levels. The drawback with this, again, is there are no instructions or guidance for this function. 

This is not a game for young children as it is difficult and can be fiddly.  With that said, it does make you think and it is different to your Candy Crush and other such games. I do like this game but will need to be in a calm mood to play it. 

I struggled with deciding the rating for this app, my first instinct was 2.5 due to the lack of instructions and dodgy prices, but I do like the app and it is a bit different so I bumped it up to 3 as I don't give 2.75 stars!

Now for some ratings.....

Ease of use 3 
This game would benefit from some instructions. I discovered the walkthrough function through pressing buttons on the screen, but it could be more user friendly. The slide function can be a little sensitive sometimes moving it too far or too little. The special squares on the screen can be a challenge to master as you have to double click to move them, again discovered through trial and error. 

Price - 2
This is £0.69 but there is a lite version available, but I haven't used this. In a paid app like this, I would expect more instructions and credits to be given before I am asked to pay again, hence the rating.  

Adverts - 5
There are no adverts in this app, but as mentioned earlier I have not reviewed the lite version. 

Keep, jury is out or delete - Keep
This game has interested me, but I have run out of walkthroughs, so can't be sure how long my patience will last with the lack of instructions. If the game had instructions or demos on the functionality this would make it a much better and user friendly app. 

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