Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Xmas Crush - 2 Stars

What is it?
This game is like Bejewled with Christmas symbols, not too dissimilar to the Christmas Sweeper, but thankfully has volume control. 

The idea of the game is to swap pictures around to make a chain of three or more to score points and get special functions. 

This game is ok, but when you run out of moves it doesn't tell you, it just encourages you to use boosters, that are not that easy to understand. There are in app purchases t, but I didn't take advantage of these as my free ones didn't help me at all!

I played for a few levels but lost momentum. If you like Bejeweled and fancy a festive twist then check it out. 

Now for some ratings.....

Ease of use 3 
This is easy to use as it is the same functionality as Bejeweled. The additional functions that you can trade tokens for are not that easy to understand and I ended up wasting mine and not winning the level.  
Price - 3
This is a free app, but it does have in app purchases. 

Adverts - 2
There are full screen adverts and some appeared during game play which I don't like. There are also banner adverts throughout the game which can be distracting. 

Keep, jury is out or delete - Delete 
I quickly lost momentum with this app and quickly ended up back on Disco Bees and Jelly Splash when I had a few minutes to spare.  Its a nice game for Christmas if you like Bejeweled, it just wasn't for me. 

Where to find it:
Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/christmas-crush-match-3-addictive/id757157553?mt=8